Student debt is a crisis; be part of the solution!

Student debt is a massive problem and only growing.


Million with student debt

7 in 10 graduates (your customers) have student debt. 


Priority in life

84% of borrowers said  getting out of debt was a  top priority


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Trillion & growing

Create a reward currency that ACTUALLY makes a difference

Get the family involved.


It takes a village. Spinwheel allows borrowers to invite family members to help.

Family members can contribute rewards, round-ups and cash to help students out.

Now engage with the entire family through the borrower and expand the power of your rewards program. Let borrowers recruit their family

As little as $5 dollars per month means getting out of debt a year earlier*

Round Up

Borrowers can round up every transaction (optionally). So every time they spend , they are also getting out of debt.

Acquire and engage Gen Z and Millennial graduates. 

Ready to start engaging with the next generation of customers?

Student Loan Rewards

With Spinwheels product, rewards and interest borrowers earn can be automatically applied towards their debt.

Family Participation

Members can get their family involved. Family members can contribute their rewards to help borrowers as well. 

Loan tracking

Automatic linking to all 3rd party loan servicers. Borrowers can track their loans and we tell you when its the right time to hit them up with a refi offer. 

The student debt crisis is real.


Your brand, your story. We make sure that your brand is front and center to ensure your members have the best experience. 

Easy Integration

We know you have limited resources. Start off with a low integration option and then step up as needed. 

Contact Us. We will be happy to show you a demo.

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$5   +            =

* - Based on a $36,000 loan principal, 5% interest rate and 25 years loan term. Actual impact may vary based on your personal loan information.   

1 Year debt free*