The only card designed to get you out of student debt.

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Credit card with responsible controls

Don't let student debt cripple you. With Spinwheel you can get out debt 12-24 months earlier. We make it easy to pay down your debt.

Link your account

Link your existing bank account. We will pull the money to pay down your card every month (as long as you have the funds)

Get debt free

We use credit card rewards to pay down your debt with your linked loan account. Every swipe gets you closer to freedom. We also work with merchants to get you extra days debt free when you shop with them.

What People Are Saying About Spinwheel

“Every bit helps. Spinwheel is the only product that is a full solution to get me out of debt earlier.”



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No fees

Spinwheel has no monthly, annual, ATM or overdraft fees. Well, we don't like fees. Period. 

Get your family involved

Bonus rewards





Earn up to 5 times towards your student loans at retailers who want to help you get out of student debt earlier. We make it easy, just swipe and get debt free earlier. 

(BTW, we still make sure you don't overspend)

When your family links their existing card, we apply additional merchant rewards directly to your debt. We make it easy for your family to help out!

Round Up

Round up every transaction (optionally). So every time you spend something, you are also getting out of debt.

FDIC Insured

All the funds we hold to cover your card are yours if you want them. We hold them in an FDIC insured account on your behalf.

Bank level security

We use security and encryption used by the top banks in the world. We take your data seriously, so we keep you safe. Always!


If you need the money and have not the funds, we can help. With responsible lending and low APR (15% to 25%) we got your back.

Set spending limits

 Setup spending limits and we will alert you (and even stop you) from going overboard. Don't worry you are always in control

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