The best way for users to connect, pay, and manage student debt in your app.

Spinwheel’s APIs and drop-in modules are the easiest and most complete way to launch student loan use cases.

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Increase adoption and usage by addressing the #1 financial concern of Millennials

American households have student debt

Want student debt benefits instead of cash, points, discounts

Will recruit an average of three loved ones to help with their goals

Said getting out of debt faster is a top priority in life

Common Use Cases

Payment Account Switching

We help banks and financial services increase direct deposits by making it easy to switch where the roughly 52 million recurring monthly student loan payments come from.

We help loyalty, points, reward, cash back and round-up programs increase memberships and usage with the ability to apply the nearly $48 billion in points issued each year to a borrower or a loved one’s loans.

Apply Found Money

Verify & Get A Complete Financial Picture

In real-time, get complete loan & borrower information including school, status, detailed and blended interest rates. We add insights on top of this data to help our partners instantly verify and understand their customers.

Whether it's $5 or $5,000 we make it easy to create a payment and ensure it goes towards the loan with the largest principal and highest interest rate. With Precision Pay, we make sure the money goes to the exact loan you want it to.

Simplify Complex Loan Payments

Create & Manage Financial Goals

Become the destination for borrowers to create goals, plan their future and manage their loans. They'll thank you for it and use more of  your services regularly. 

Launching is fast & easy.
We do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Data & Insights You Need

The most complete data with insights, like loan priority scores, so you don’t have to deal with missing data or important logic.

Plug & Play User Experiences

Our beautiful and white-label drop-in modules make it a snap to create compelling end user flows. 

No need to deal with sensitive data. Our bank level secure vault handles that and is built for speed.

Fast & Secure

Get a demo with live borrower accounts and access to our sandbox.

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